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--- Quality is not an act, it is a habit ---

Our premier memorandum of understanding members.

We Partner with the best: Brief Intro.


Left: Dechem Projects: Established - 2009

Dechem Projects acquired Vemse Projects (Est. 1994) in 2012; to expand their network.

Currently has the expertise to supply projects of all scale in almost every field, ranging from software applications to industrial complexes.

Has access to world renowned consultants, contractors, subject matter and domain experts. With ability and expertise to co-ordinate and deliver a project in any corner of the world.

Center: Decon Agri Oils Pvt. Ltd.: Established - 2006

A fully operational, state of the art, Oil & Chemical extraction research facility.

The research and data from this facility has reshaped the oil & chemical extraction field as we know it and continues to shape the future.  


Right: Madhavi Ind Auto Components Pvt. Ltd.: Established - 2001

Advanced Aerospace and Automotive research lab. Most projects are closed/classified due to the nature of funding and scope of research/applications. 


Please note the above are only premier MOU members, we maintain active agreements with numerous entities. For complete info. Please email or call our Headquarters at Kakinada, AP.


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